What are the necessary Australian standards for glass fencing and balustrades?

Glass fencing standards state that the glass has to be 12mm thick. Pool fencing has to be at a minimum of 1200mm in height. Glass balustrades have to be 12mm thick and at least 1000mm in height. All must use toughened glass that meets Australian regulations.

Will you negotiate with local councils if it is required?

At Interglass Designs, we are always happy to talk with councils to achieve an outcome for your job.

What type of glass is used in your glass structures?

We primarily use toughened, 12mm thick glass that has been polished all around.

What kind of maintenance will my glass structures require?

To maintain glass structures, we recommend applying glass cleaner or methylated spirits with a microfibre cloth. For cleaning the fittings, we recommend using a cream rejuvenator or cleaner, followed by a wipe-on clear sealer.

What happens if one of my glass structures breaks?

If one of your glass panels breaks, don’t stress. It’s easy to measure it up and replace it.

Can I choose different finishes for my glass structures?

We offer a range of finishes, including clear glass and frosted glass, as well as an assortment of films for you to choose from.

On average, how long does a project take?

On average, pool fencing and balustrades will take a day or two to complete. However, stair balustrades require two to three weeks, as they require custom-made templates.

What surfaces can the structures be attached to?

Glass can be attached to many surfaces due to the range of stainless-steel hardware that we have available.

How strong is the glass?

The toughened glass that we use is approximately 6 times stronger than regular glass, giving it is a minimum surface compression of 10,000 points per square inch (psi), and a minimum edge compression of 9700 psi.

Do you work with pre-purchased fittings?

We supply all the hardware for our job, so that we can source the best products that suit your job.

Aren’t glass structures expensive?

Some glass structures can be expensive, but it primarily depends on the details and regulations.

Do your products come with a warranty?

All of our products come with a warranty.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept direct bank transactions as a payment method.

When can you install my glass structures?

We can book a time and work with you to supply and install your job.

Glass Pool Fencing

What are the NSW pool fence requirements?

There are specific regulations for pool fencing in place for the overall safety of occupants. Our glass pool fencing meets all the requirements plus more by providing the added safety benefit of increased visibility. For safe and secure glass pool fencing that meets all NSW regulations and avoids any fines, contact Interglass Designs.

Isn’t core drilling a messy process?

Core drilling is a very clean process, as we use a vacuum to collect the slurry that is produced. We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean and efficient work area that allows you to still have use of your pool and yard.

Will I be able to use my pool area still?

You can still use the pool whilst we work, as the installation only takes a day or two. Our processes are clean, safe and fast so your life isn’t hindered while your glass pool fencing is installed.

Does glass pool fencing eliminate any problems found in standard pool fencing?

Our glass pool fencing meets all NSW pool regulations and more. The main problem that glass pool fencing can solve is the visibility in the pool area. Glass pool fencing is also non-climbable and beautiful, so for many homes it is the ideal choice. We have found that glass pool fencing far outweigh any other types.

Am I able to contact you to maintain my pool fencing?

Unlike other fence types, glass pool fencing is easy to maintain as all that is required is simple cleaning. If there are any issues, of course, we are always available to help. But we are confident that our strong tempered glass will have no issues.

How tall are the glass panels?

We use glass panels that are 1200mm in height. Glass pool fence options are customisable but will have to comply with the NSW pool standards.

Glass Balustrades

How can I maintain my glass balustrades?

As is with other glass structures, the only maintenance your balustrades will need is cleaning.

How much space is required to build my balustrades?

Only a small space is needed to install glass balustrades.

Can the fittings rust?

If left unprotected or mistreated, it is possible for the fittings to rust. If you protect them, this possibility is significant reduced.

Where is it compulsory for me to have balustrades installed?

Balustrades are compulsory on decks and balconies that are more than one metre above the ground.

What is the thickness of the glass you use?

We use glass that is 12mm thick for our glass balustrades.

Stair Balustrades

Will I still be able to use my stairs?

We pride ourselves on being clean and efficient, and we will always let you use the stairs whilst we are working.

What if I want a balustrade to only cover a small set of stairs?

We can custom-design glass balustrades to suit any set of stairs.

Where do you fix my balustrades?

Where we fix your balustrades is dependent on the substrates that the fixtures will be installed into.

What if my staircase isn’t like a conventional staircase?

We are happy to design glass stair balustrades to suit your staircase.

What range of handrails do you offer?

At Interglass Designs, we offer a range of timber and stainless-steel handrails for you to choose from.

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