How is glass made?

3 mins read

Glass is a human creation that has captivated the world for its versatility and beauty. You would find it almost impossible to find a building in Sydney that doesn’t use this material. At Interglass Designs, we love all things glass and have compiled this article to discuss how it is made and why it is […]

5 reasons to consider glass balustrades

4 mins read

Thinking about redefining your home? Perhaps you are after an upgrade, but you just don’t know what would work well without having to change the style of the entire house. If this is the case, we have a solution for you! Frameless glass balustrades are the perfect option. In this article, we will discuss the […]

About the Orion soft close hinge

2 mins read

When considering frameless glass pool fencing or balustrades, your installers should be using the best Australian standard products. At Interglass Designs, we use only the best materials Australia has to offer. From the glass to the fittings, we believe everything needs to be perfect. In this article, we explore everything about orion soft close hinge […]

How to clean your glass balustrade or pool fence

5 mins read

If you have frameless glass balustrades or pool fencing, you’ll know that keeping them clean is a necessity to get the most value out of the features. Although there are many ways to clean glass, there are only a few that work well. You may be in the habit of grabbing a paper towel and […]

Advantages of using glass in your home

3 mins read

Glass is an ancient building material. Its origins began as windows in order to allow more visibility into homes. But, it has since evolved into a highly versatile material. Some architectural journals even say that glass is an integral part of modern structures. There are reasons why glass is so amazing. In this article, we […]

4 signs to upgrade to a glass balustrade

3 mins read

When you own a home or office, it is important to look for signs and opportunities to upgrade. These improvements often lead to better functionality, design and value for your property. Here are some signs that it is time to upgrade to glass balustrades. Investment opportunity If you are looking for a home renovation that […]

Looking for glass pool fencing in the North Shore?

8 mins read

Glass pool fencing is a beautiful luxury for any Australian home. It is not only luxurious but also has various benefits that enhance a swimming pool’s design, safety and functionality. Whether you’re looking for frameless glass pool fencing for your home or for your commercial property, you won’t be disappointed. In this article, we will […]

What materials work well with glass pool fencing?

3 mins read

Improving your outdoor space is a big decision. A lot of time goes into planning to make sure that the renovation or home improvement will actually benefit your property. Anyone who owns a pool or is thinking about having one built knows that it is an Australian regulation to have a pool fence. But oftentimes, […]

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