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Glass is an ancient building material. Its origins began as windows in order to allow more visibility into homes.

But, it has since evolved into a highly versatile material. Some architectural journals even say that glass is an integral part of modern structures.

There are reasons why glass is so amazing. In this article, we will discuss the science and studies that show why and how it can improve your home.

Advantages of using glass in your home infographic

1) Environment

Due to the advancement in technology, the production of glass has become efficient, thus, reducing the impact on the environment.

Other building materials require an immense amount of energy, processes or materials in order to be produced.

Glass is also 100% recyclable. This means that you can choose glass without the feeling of guilt or consequences.

You know that it can be disposed of and reused cleanly, which in this day and age, is important.

Another reason that glass is great for the environment is because it can be moulded and shaped per client.

This means there is generally less waste because the items are made as specified. Even if a little cutting or resizing needs to be done, the recyclable factor makes it eco-friendly.


2) Beautiful

Articles in design journals indicate that glass is one of the most versatile materials and it quickly became a designer’s dream.

Because of its visibility, glass works seamlessly with all other materials.

Glass connects the outside world with the inside which, with careful planning, can be a huge asset. It can provide barriers and structure whilst providing an open and sophisticated look.

Being produced in a variety of colours also gives glass the ability to be decorative or opaque.

Glass bends and refracts light amazingly so with deliberate design, your home or property can become a design masterpiece.


3) Insulator

Electricity cannot be conducted through glass, making it completely safe with regards to potential electrocution or electric hazards.

It also is great at allowing heat to pass through, hence why it is often used for insulation.

With proper placement of glass, your home can save money on heating and lighting. Being UV stable means that glass will not discolour, crack or degrade under sun exposure.


4) Durable and clean

The standards of glass for structural use has dramatically increased over the years.

There are now strict standards for glass strength and quality that must be adhered to when used in construction.

When you purchase glass from Interglass Designs, you know you are getting Australian standard tempered glass.

This type of glass does not shatter or create shards. If by chance it were to break, it would be easily replaceable.

Tough glass also has a high abrasive resistance, meaning it won’t scratch easily.

Glass is also easy to clean, typically requiring just a simple wipe in order to remove dust or marks.

No treatments or solutions are required to maintain glass, saving you time and money in cleaning bills.

Durable and clean

Modern design has taken a hold of the benefits of glass. If you want to help the environment, improve safety and strength and maintain beauty, then glass is the choice for you.

Science and designers everywhere are pushing glass as the prime building material – and so are we.

Improve the style and functionality of your home today! At Interglass Designs, we specialise in designing and installing glass pool fencing, balustrades and staircases.

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