Safety benefits of glass pool fences

3 mins read

Pools are great addition to any home. They offer a lot of fun and great memories to be shared. But it’s all fun and games until an accident happens. Therefore, Australian regulation requires that all pools in Sydney have a fence surrounding them. This law is in place in order to minimize the risk of […]

What to look for in professional glass balustrade or fence installation

4 mins read

Improving your home or office’s look with glass balustrades or fencing will only work if you choose an outstanding team to provide the materials and do the installation. So when you’re deciding on which balustrade installation services to go with, it’s important to understand the benefits of professional glass balustrade installation, plus how it can […]

Benefits of glass balustrades

3 mins read

Your home is your sanctuary. And your office is your control room. Either way, a modern, sophisticated look helps maximise these spaces. An outstanding and elegant solution to boosting the appeal of your home or office is glass balustrade installation. The modern touch it adds is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s examine three […]

Frameless glass pool fencing vs. vertical bar pool fencing

3 mins read

If you have a pool, chances are you’re looking to surround the area with standard pool fencing at some stage. The vertical bar is a type of pool fencing that’s known to many homeowners and renters across the nation. However, despite the prevalence of this kind, there are many other types of pool fencing that […]

What type of pool fencing is right for you?

2 mins read

When getting a pool for your home, one of the most important things to think about is the pool fencing. In Australia, protecting your pool with fencing is compulsory as it drastically reduces the probability of injury or drowning due to a lack of supervision. There is a range of pool fencing options available in […]

3 advantages of frameless pool fencing

2 mins read

If you’re looking to bring style into your pool area, it’s difficult to look past glass pool fencing. Glass pool fencing in Sydney has been gracing pool areas, providing them with a sense of style without sacrificing safety. However, apart from being a stylish barrier for your pool area, glass pool fencing brings with it […]

3 signs you need new pool fencing

2 mins read

In Australia, having pool fencing to define pool areas is a government-enforced requirement if you own a pool of any kind. However, that pool fencing needs to be effective in order for it to provide the necessary protection for you and your family. Your pool fencing’s effectiveness is often determined by its age and its […]

Maintaining your frameless glass balustrades

2 mins read

Whether they’re in the home or the office, glass balustrades bring a sense of elegance and style to any environment. However, although glass balustrades are a truly incredible addition to any home or office, they need to be regularly maintained in order to keep that brilliance. Whether you’re on the South Coast or in North […]

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