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When getting a pool for your home, one of the most important things to think about is the pool fencing. In Australia, protecting your pool with fencing is compulsory as it drastically reduces the probability of injury or drowning due to a lack of supervision. There is a range of pool fencing options available in Sydney, from glass pool fencing, which protects your pool area whilst still being aesthetically-pleasing, to vertical bar fencing, which is commonly found surrounding pool areas across Australia.

But, what type of pool fencing is right for you? The right pool fencing for you can be determined by the style of house, how involved you want to be in supervision and of course, personal preference.

Vertical bar fencing

This type of pool fencing is known as the standard type of pool fencing and is seen barricading pool areas across the nation. This type of pool fencing consists of a series of vertical steel rods that are held in place by two metal bars, that make up the top and bottom of the fence. In some instances, the vertical rods will be joined together, forming small arches at the top.

This type of pool fencing comes with many advantages. The fact that the fence is made entirely out of metal means that it’s durable and long-lasting and it provides good visibility within the pool area. However, its appearance means that this type of fencing doesn’t match the design of Sydney’s contemporary house designs.

Steel panel fencing

Although not as common as vertical bar fencing, there are some pool areas that are protected by steel panel pool fencing. The reason that this type of fencing is often utilised over other types of fencing is because although they may seem like an aesthetically-pleasing option, it doesn’t allow for visibility within the pool area.

Frameless glass pool fencing

If you need pool fencing that combines safety with style, it’s difficult to look past frameless glass pool fencing. This type of pool fencing brings with it many safety features, such as being easy to clean, easy to maintain and allowing for full visibility within the pool area. This, combined with the range of sleek and stylish designs is why frameless glass pool fencing can be found all over Sydney.

These are the main types of pool fencing that can be found securing pool areas throughout Sydney. If you’re looking for frameless glass pool fencing for your pool area, talk to Interglass Designs, one of Sydney’s leading designers and installers of frameless glass structures. We’ll work with you to bring you high-quality pool fencing tailored to your needs. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call on 0484 244 382 today.