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Improving your home or office’s look with glass balustrades or fencing will only work if you choose an outstanding team to provide the materials and do the installation.

So when you’re deciding on which balustrade installation services to go with, it’s important to understand the benefits of professional glass balustrade installation, plus how it can improve your home or business decor. Whether you select glass balustrades for your indoor or outdoor space, staircase balustrades or pool fencing, they can provide you with a luxurious feel, as glass is a natural and sleek material that opens your space.

As Sydney’s glass design and installation leaders, Interglass Designs specialises in working with residential and commercial glass fitting industries. As experienced glass balustrade installers and with over 45 years of combined experience in the commercial, residential and high rise construction industry, we know how to make your space look incredible.

Glass panels are also extremely easy to clean. While they add visibility with a clear view, they add security and protection with their tempered and sturdy glass material. It’s also highly durable and can be customised according to your layout and design requirements. By creating an open space, you can have natural sunlight stream through to enjoy the outdoor view of Sydney; plus, by minimising shadows, your space will feel more spacious.

But before you decide on indoor glass balustrades, or learn how to install balustrades, let’s run through some crucial factors and our top tips on what to look for in professional glass balustrade or fence installations.

Conduct your research carefully

Whether you’re looking for an online glass balustrade installation guide, or are seeking help from the experts for your frameless glass balustrade installation, conducting the appropriate research is vital.

Make sure you select the appropriate size and fitting when you consult with your glass balustrade installers. Check online reviews and shop around before making your selection, and always check that you’ve been granted permission with added permits and licences for your glass panel installation. This ensures your frameless glass balustrade installation isn’t compromised or delayed. Also, remember that extreme care is required for your glass panel installation, so only speak with the best in the industry and have your installation of glass balustrade done by the experts.


A home with glass pool fencing in the North Shore or an office with frameless glass balustrade in Sydney are sure to be real eye catchers. But if quality is missing, then it will be noticed as well.

When investing in glass designs, you not only want quality, you need it. Some will try and cut corners, but by compromising quality, you are putting your safety at risk. Only the best materials and methods should be implemented. Otherwise, complications can arise later.

Also, it can be even more costly if accidents occur because of subpar materials or installation. A professional will understand the importance of quality and will ensure you get the best.

Modern styles and outdoor decor

Modern homes require up-to-date solutions, and an unskilled tradesman will not be able to fully make your dream a reality. Having a professional who can provide various modern solutions and techniques can better help you make decisions. Why spend money on something that is already out of style? Only the latest and greatest styles will enhance your home or office.


You will also want to look into the experience your preffered company has, prior to having work done on your property. Your space may also require specific methods that only an expert would know how to execute. Experienced individuals will be able to provide advice, support and quality that inexperienced companies cannot.

You can check reviews on the previous work of the company from outside sources to see the quality. Experienced companies should have good feedback from past clients about their service. Plus, they may have connections with local councils or manufacturers to provide you with extra support that you otherwise would not have access to.

What not to do

Before you decide on your installation of glass balustrade, make sure you consider the following points on what not to do when choosing a glass panel fit-out. Try your best to avoid the following and if you ever feel stuck, reach out to our team of experienced glass balustrade installers for more information on what to be mindful of.

  • Opting for price over quality — Choosing affordable prices for your glass balustrade installation is possible, but it’s important to note that high-quality glass is more costly, so you need to be ready to invest to ensure your glass panels are long lasting and damage-prone.
  • Not listening to the experts when it comes to safety — You can design your installation to look beautiful and elegant. Still, if the experts advise you that safety could be compromised with a certain design, it’s best to listen and follow their expert advice. We wouldn’t want anyone to be injured if you opt for a glass staircase without handrails, especially if you have young children at home.
  • Rushing the process — We all know how exciting it can be when we want to work on a new home or office project, and we can get caught up with the first company we come across. Take your time and don’t rush the research process, as this element is crucial in ensuring the company you select is reputable, reliable, credible, and a leader in the industry.

When looking for professional glass installations, you want the best quality so that your purchase is an investment — not a hazard. You need professionals with an eye for style to ensure your balustrade or fence is not outdated before even starting. And above all, you need a team with experience, so that you get the support and craftsmanship you deserve.

At Interglass Designs, we have all of the above points and more! Using only the best and toughest glass, with various selections to choose from and over 45 years of combined experience, our team can design and demonstrate how to install a frameless glass balustrade for your home or office space.

If you’re in need of a glass balustrade or fence solution, contact our team and give us a call on 0484 244 382 today, or submit an online enquiry for your free quote. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.