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Improving your home or office’s look with glass balustrades or fencing will only work if you choose an outstanding team to provide the materials and do the installation.

With so many options available, having experts to consult with the design and install the structure is vital. After all, you deserve the best features for your space. Here are some crucial factors to consider in professional glass balustrade or fence installation.


When investing in glass designs, you not only want quality, you need it. Some will try and cut corners but by compromising quality, you are putting your safety at risk. Only the best materials and methods should be implemented. Otherwise complications can arise later.

High quality glass fencing

A home with glass pool fencing in the North Shore or an office with frameless glass balustrade in Sydney are sure to be real eye catchers. But if quality is missing, then it will be noticed as well.

Also, it can be expensive to have to repair damaged purchases and even more costly if accidents occur because of subpar materials or installation. A professional will understand the importance of quality and will ensure you get the best.

Modern variety

Modern homes require up-to-date solutions and an unskilled tradesman will not be able to fully make your dream a reality.

With so many options out there, having a professional who can provide various modern solutions and techniques can better help you make decisions. Why spend money on something that is already out of style? Only the latest and greatest styles will enhance your home or office.


This one goes without saying, but you want to look into experience when having work done on your property. Your space may also require specific methods that only an expert would know how to execute. Experienced individuals will be able to provide advice, support and quality that inexperienced companies cannot.

You can check reviews on the previous work of the company from outside sources to see the quality. Experienced companies should have good feedback from past clients about their service.

Plus, they may have connections with local councils or manufacturers to provide you with extra support that you otherwise would not have access to.

When looking for professional glass installations. You want the best quality, so that your purchase is an investment not a hazard. You need professionals with an eye for style to ensure your balustrade or fence is not outdated before even starting. And above all, you need experience, so that you get the support and craftsmanship you deserve.

At Interglass Designs we have all of the above points and more! Using only the best and toughest glass, with various selections to choose from and over 45 years of combined experience.

If you’re in need of a glass balustrade or fence solution, give us a call 0484 244 382 or email us at [email protected].