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If you’re looking to bring style into your pool area, it’s difficult to look past glass pool fencing. Glass pool fencing in Sydney has been gracing pool areas, providing them with a sense of style without sacrificing safety. However, apart from being a stylish barrier for your pool area, glass pool fencing brings with it a range of many other advantages that are designed to improve safety and reduce maintenance costs. Here are some of the advantages to having glass pool fencing.

Improved field of vision

Standard pool fencing consists of a series of bars that run vertically along two horizontal bars. Although, this is an effective means of protecting people from potential dangers in your pool area, this type of fencing can make it difficult to see any people that may actually be in the pool area.

This means that you might not be able to see anything which your children are doing in the pool, as well as any other potential hazards that may be in your pool area. Glass pool fencing, which is made of single, clear glass panes allows for clear vision into the pool area, which improves the quality of safety, as well as allowing you to observe anything of interest that may happen within the pool area.

Cleaning made easy

Standard pool fencing may be an effective means of protecting your pool area, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any issues with it. One of the primary issues with standard pool fencing is cleaning it.

Although the bars are an effective means of pool area security, they can be very difficult to clean and can accumulate many different contaminants, such as dust, moss and even wasp nests. However, the glass panes that make up glass pool fencing make it easy for dust to be seen and cleaned, as well as making it difficult for any other contaminants to be able to accumulate.

Improves your pool area’s aesthetic

Standard pool fencing, although an effective security measure, can seriously impact the aesthetic value of your entire yard, especially if you have a yard with a contemporary design. Glass pool fencing allows for your pool area to look sleek and stylish and can be easily incorporated into any modern garden.

These are some of the advantages that you have when you have glass pool fencing. If you’re looking for glass pool fencing for your pool area, talk to Interglass Designs, one of Sydney’s leaders in glass design and installation. The team at Interglass Designs has installed high-quality glass balustrades, stair balustrades and frameless glass pool fencing all over Sydney and will work with you to develop the best glass pool fencing for your pool area. If you’d like to learn more, give us a call on 0484 244 382 today.