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Your home is your sanctuary. And your office is your control room. Either way, a modern, sophisticated look helps maximise these spaces.

An outstanding and elegant solution to boosting the appeal of your home or office is glass balustrade installation. The modern touch it adds is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s examine three other benefits of glass balustrades.

Let there be light

Some of us live in ill-lit houses and workspaces. Glass balustrades are clear which means less shadows are created, allowing the light from the sun or your fixtures to pass through your house undeterred.

Glass balustrades on balcony

By simply installing glass balustrades, you can illuminate your home. This creates the illusion of space. It also allows indoor plants to thrive, improving air quality. There are some health implications as well. Studies show that more light in the home improves sleep patterns and metabolic functions. Plus, it looks and feels sleek and elegant!

The light coming into your place is one thing, but the view going out is another. For example, a glass balustrade in North Sydney or the North Shore can give your home or office the most spectacular view available and a living space for others to envy. Enjoying a cup of coffee whilst looking out of your clear glass balustrade is divine!

Timeless and durable

Glass balustrades are clear and therefore go with any home design. It doesn’t matter what the surrounding colours or materials are, glass will work well with natural wood, industrial concrete, steel and other styles.

Glass balustrades are also durable enough to match their timeless appeal. Most people have this false perception of glass being fragile. However, not all types of glass are made that way. Think bullet proof glass.

Durable glass balustrades

At Interglass Designs, we use glass that is 12mm thick, installed by professionals. So, once in place, it is roughly six times stronger than regular glass and it will last a lifetime. Unlike wood or metal, glass balustrades do not get pest infestations or rust. Simple-to-clean glass balustrades are timeless in style and in strength.

Quick and seamless

The lengthy processes that some builders employ can deter people from ever improving their homes. But at Interglass Designs, our processes are quick. Also, we allow you to still have functional use of the areas while they’re under construction. This means you are never without your home, pool or office space.

Glass balustrade installation

We can also help negotiate with local councils to achieve the desired outcome, which can significantly speed the process up. As mentioned, we use super tough glass, but on the rare chance a panel does break or incur damage, it is simple to measure and replace. This means you can continue on with living rather than worrying.

These are just a few benefits of glass balustrades.

Here at Interglass Designs we pride ourselves on being one of Sydney’s leaders in glass balustrade materials and installation. We are determined to help you achieve your desired building goals. Ample lighting, durability and seamlessness are essential qualities of home, office or outdoor projects. You want the best for your space—and glass balustrades installed by professionals are key to making that happen.

If you want Sydney’s best glass balustrades, contact us today at 0484 244 382.