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Pools are great addition to any home. They offer a lot of fun and great memories to be shared. But it’s all fun and games until an accident happens.

Therefore, Australian regulation requires that all pools in Sydney have a fence surrounding them. This law is in place in order to minimize the risk of swimming pool accidents.

Having a fence is a necessity when having a pool, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose something that is aesthetically pleasing.

Glass pool fencing in the North Shore and other Sydney areas are becoming increasingly popular. They are beautiful, and they have a lot of safety benefits. Here are three of them:

1. Visibility

Frameless glass pool fencing, as the name suggests, is made of glass. If you choose a clear glass option for your fencing, then you have the benefit of being able to have an unobstructed view of the pool area.

Glass pool fencing

Other pool fencing options do not have this advantage. Being able to see clearly into the pool area from anywhere outside can help monitor the pool, the people swimming or any potential danger much easier. It is extremely beneficial to have the view of the pool without having to try and peer through a metal or wooden fence.

2. Durability

Glass pool fences are extremely difficult to break. Our glass panels are made from Australian Standard glass and are made to last. They are glazed and tempered to be extra strong. Even if by some chance they do break, unlike usual glassware or windows, our panels do not shatter and leave sharp pieces.

Glass pool fencing

Also, the convenience of being able to replace just one panel rather than a whole fence is invaluable. The fittings and glass can be designed in a way as to withstand high speed winds or extreme weather, unlike wooden fences.

3. Environmentally safe

Glass is a natural product that is clean for the environment. By getting frameless glass pool fencing, you are eliminating a lot of potential construction waste product.

Glass pool fencing

Providing a clean, natural look to your home along with clean fencing is ideal. You can even customise the fittings to match any wood or metal you may already have installed around the pool.

Having glass pool fencing in the North Shore is a real statement of luxury and style, but it is also a step towards a safer and cleaner outdoor area. Increase the visibility, strength and eco-friendliness of your pool by installing glass fencing.

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