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Improving your outdoor space is a big decision. A lot of time goes into planning to make sure that the renovation or home improvement will actually benefit your property.

Anyone who owns a pool or is thinking about having one built knows that it is an Australian regulation to have a pool fence. But oftentimes, fencing can be dull, ugly or inconvenient.

This is why glass pool fencing in Sydney is becoming increasingly popular. It is an environmentally friendly option. Aside from that, it is strong, durable and super easy to maintain and clean. It is also a very safe installation because it won’t obstruct the view to your pool.

Glass pool fencing

This post, however, will focus on another reason why glass pool fencing is awesome! Keep reading to discover more about this fencing solution.

Why glass pool fencing?

Whether you have an outdoor space with a stone, wood, grass or metal style, your pool fencing needs to blend with its surroundings. Nobody wants a beautiful, landscaped yard with a glorious pool jarred by an ugly, out of place fence.

Most fences are made from metal or wood. However, these materials severely limit the ability to seamlessly install a fence into your backyard. Metal works well with industrial styles, while wood blends well with natural. It takes a lot of design expertise and skilful work for these materials to be incorporated well into a pool design.

Glass, however, is the best design material. It is clear, which allows it to adapt to its surroundings. Whether you have a more industrial-looking property or a very luscious green and natural style, glass will work amazingly with both.

Glass pool fencing

The whole reason we have nice yards is so that we can see them clearly. Glass fencing allows you to not only observe your yard, but also to create a unique style that magnifies the sophistication of your property.

How to style with glass pool fencing

If you have a stone or tile-based pool, then selecting glass fencing with steel or wooden fittings will look great.

Do you have an existing deck? You can customise the fittings to match the wood or even the metal material of the area. It can be costly and difficult to try and match a whole fence to pre-existing structures, but with glass, it is easy to do so.

Also, with glass, you can have a lot of colour and vibrancy on your property that will be accentuated rather than be obstructed. Plants, flowers, coloured tiles or painted structures will all be visible when you have a glass fence. Each of these work well with it.

What are you waiting for? Now that you know that all materials work well with glass pool fencing, nothing is stopping you from getting your very own today.

Expand your backyard space and increase the charming look and feel of your pool! Talk with us about customising the fitting options or perhaps our soft close door technology. We have helped many homes improve their yards with the easy choice of frameless glass pool fencing in Sydney. Give us a call today at 0484 244 382 to find out more.