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Glass is a human creation that has captivated the world for its versatility and beauty. You would find it almost impossible to find a building in Sydney that doesn’t use this material.

At Interglass Designs, we love all things glass and have compiled this article to discuss how it is made and why it is so popular today.

How glass forms

Most people know that we derive glass from sand.

How glass forms
Anciently, volcanic obsidian would form due to the high heat and people would use them as tools.

Then, early civilisations began producing basic versions of glass for jewellery and design. However, our modern forms are far more superior.

To turn sand from its gritty, opaque state into a clear liquid requires incredible temperatures. We are talking close to 2000°C!

Sand is composed mostly of silicon dioxide (SiO2) which, when heated, will change the structure – hence, creating the clear liquid glass we use today.

Glass never actually becomes completely solid. Instead, it is considered an amorphous solid because it is still slightly liquid.

Modern glass

For the windows, lightbulbs and glass balustrades or pool fencing, you see today, the glass-making process is more scientific. This allows for modern and more robust glass.

Rather than just melting sand, glass manufacturing plants add carbonates to reduce the melting points, which saves energy. They also add strong chemicals to increase its strength.

Factories will add various other substances during its molten stage to achieve desired results.

Specific colours, strengths, thicknesses and applications can all be modified depending on the chemical added.

Even how glass is cooled will determine its properties. Cooling glass quickly will tighten the bonds, which increases its strength.

Glass balustrades

At Interglass Designs, we use toughened glass for our glass pool fencing and glass balustrades in Sydney.

Why use glass?

We all know how fantastic glass is. But there are some distinct benefits to using glass that may convince you to install yours today.

Glass is one of the few materials that works exceptionally well with all other types of substances. You can install a glass fence, balustrade or stairwell without worrying about ruining the style of your home.

Another benefit is that glass is super safe. It is hard to break, especially the toughened glass we use. And even if it does, it won’t shatter and will crumble instead.

Our glass makes an especially great option for frameless glass pool fencing throughout Sydney.

Glass pool fencing

For indoor use, glass balustrades or staircases allow more light to pass through the home and increases visibility.

This helps create an elegant ambience to your home. They enhance the feeling of space, allow more indoor plants to thrive and reduce the need for lights.

Also, glass features for your property are an investment. They last a long time, never go out of style and are easy to clean and maintain. So, if you ever need to sell, the glass will only add to the value.

If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you to get your very own glass installed, then contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at 0484 244 382. We can help you achieve the perfect, elegant and timeless glass structures for your home!

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