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When considering frameless glass pool fencing or balustrades, your installers should be using the best Australian standard products.

At Interglass Designs, we use only the best materials Australia has to offer. From the glass to the fittings, we believe everything needs to be perfect.

In this article, we explore everything about orion soft close hinge systems and why they are the number one choice for glass fencing.

1) Australian owned and made

Being full Aussie means that the materials, function and labour must all comply with Australian standards.

This ensures you are getting the best design and value for your money, with the peace of mind that it will last the test of time.

It’s important that these materials are made in Australia. Because our climate is different from other places, the plastics, coatings and functions of the items may also vary.

True blue Aussie products are the way to go!

2) Beautiful

Unlike other clunky and out-of-place hinges, the orion hinge is elegant and geometrically stylish.

In 2016, it won an international design award where “products were judged for their innovation, visual and emotional appeal, functionality, quality of manufacturing, usability (ergonomics and safety) and environmental sustainability.”

The purpose of having glass fencing is to create a sleek and modern style, so it is crucial that the fittings and hinges are as well.

Orion hinges are the ultimate choice to complement the contemporary look of glass.

orion soft close hinge on glass pool fencing

3) Durable

Along with its compliance to all Australian standards, the orion hinge is also strong and durable.

Organisations whose mission is to prevent children from drowning have endorsed this product because of its durability and functionality.

4) Functional

Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, the orion soft close hinge is simple and does what it is supposed to do.

It is quiet when opened or closed and is simply one of the best hinges and gate options for glass pool fencing.

When you combine all these positives together, it only makes sense that we, at Interglass Designs, use orion hinges. Using trusted and reliable Australian brands is how we do things!

If you would like to find out more information or get your very own frameless glass pool fence or balustrade, then contact us at 0484 244 382.