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Glass pool fencing is a beautiful luxury for any Australian home. It is not only luxurious but also has various benefits that enhance a swimming pool’s design, safety and functionality. Whether you’re looking for frameless glass pool fencing for your home or for your commercial property, you won’t be disappointed.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about glass pool fencing – from the types all the way to how you can get your very own installed.

The options

Your outdoor area is more than just extra space. It is an extension of your home and life. Countless memories, stories and experiences are shared there. For those with a swimming pool, or perhaps a deck or verandah, there are many options available in order to increase its value, longevity and style.

The option of clear or opaque glass means that you can achieve the exact look you want with either visibility or privacy. And glass works with any pre-existing styles, so you won’t have to change the whole backyard. Glass fencing seamlessly works with any home of any age and the fittings can be customised in order to match the current wood or metal materials present in your home.

Glass pool fencing

Interglass Designs specialises and offers frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fencing as well as deck balustrades, glass outlets, glass gates, glass stairs, privacy screens and even commercial level fencing and balustrades.

Why glass?

People often think, “why would I choose glass?” Many have a false perception that glass is fragile and can be very dangerous. This is simply not true when it comes to glass pool fencing or our other structures. Tempered glass is designed to be tough and complies with all Australian building standards, meaning safety is not compromised while style is magnified.

Glass pool fencing

Our glass, in particular, is super strong and does not shatter. Instead, on the rare chance one of our panels is damaged, it leaves no sharp pieces and can individually be replaced.

Glass is a substance that is easy to clean and can withstand extreme weather conditions without the need for extra treatment or supplies. Because it is already tough and layered, it has durability against strong winds and resistance to heavy rain. Glass has such a clean style and feel which is why when installed in your outdoor area, it instantly raises the standard. It allows more light to pass through your yard which can be amazing for plant life and also increases visibility to create the feeling of space and openness.

At Interglass, we love all things glass and we love how this material can add so much appeal to a property whilst being functional and safe.

Frameless vs semi-frameless

As the name suggest, frameless glass pool fencing are panels without the addition of metal or wooden frames above, below or on the sides. Though they still have fittings that position them into the ground, the space between each panel is either empty or the panels of glass are directly next to each other.

Frameless glass pool fencing

Semi-frameless fencing has fittings that position them into the ground but also has metal or wooden materials that usually lines the sides which connects each panel. Semi-frameless will typically still have the top or bottom exposed. Because this has extra materials for support, the glass used for this fence or balustrade style is usually thinner. In contrast, completely frameless glass fencing is made from thicker and stronger glass to ensure stability.

Semi frameless glass pool fencing

The frameless style is much easier to assimilate into existing properties as it is more seamless and stylish. But with the right professionals, even semi-frameless fencing can be customized to match your home’s style.

Council requirements in the North Shore

There are clear regulations in the North Shore and all of Sydney for pool fencing. One of the main reasons for these laws is to prevent children from drowning. Complying with all laws is necessary as fines can be imposed or injury may happen.

Depending on when your pool was built, certain factors may vary:

Pools built before Aug 1st 1990 must have pool access from the house restricted at all times. Doors and windows may form part of that barrier.

All new pools must have a fence that is completely separate from the house. Which is why frameless glass pool fences are one of the best options for any yard upgrade.

Pool fences must be as follows:

  • A minimum of 1200mm tall, measured from ground level.
  • Cannot have any gaps larger than 100mm between the ground and the bottom of the fence.
  • Cannot have any gaps larger than 100mm between fence panels.
  • Fences should have a non-climbable zone around the fence. This means items must remain far enough from the pool fence so children cannot climb over the fence.
  • Pool gates must always open away from the fence and must automatically close and lock.

Glass pool fencing

These requirements are essential, and Interglass Designs can assist you to ensure your glass pool fence in the North Shore is up to code.

Why choose frameless glass pool fencing

The best option for swimming pool fencing is to choose glass. They provide unparalleled safety, strength and style when compared to other fence types. Below is a list of benefits of glass pool fencing:

Luxurious and stylish look

Glass is a natural and beautiful looking material that adds immediate luxury and style to your home. It works with any other material to combine a sleek and sophisticated look.

Easy to clean

Glass panels are clear and very easy to clean. Unlike other materials, glass won’t rot, or become infested with nasty pests. Simply wipe and it will be as good as new.

Super strong

Our glass meets all Australian Standards and is tempered to be strong and durable. The type of glass we use does not shatter or cause sharp pieces. It is solid and will stand the test of time.

Adds visibility and safety

Frameless glass panels allow you to see into the pool area or other locations without the hassle of peering through metal or wood. Having visibility increases your awareness of activities surrounding your yard.

Displays the pool rather than hides it

One of the most annoying things about having pool fences is that they hide your beautiful pool. Glass pool fencing will not only display your pool, but add light, safety and space to your yard.


Every yard and pool is different. Having the option to customise is essential. The layout of the panels, the types of fittings and the type of glass can all be customised to fit your needs.

Why choose Interglass Designs

With over 45 years of combined experience in the North Shore area, we are the local experts in frameless glass pool fencing. We have worked with many homes and businesses to accommodate their glass fencing, balustrade or stair needs. Our materials and processes are only the best, with all our glass being made from the toughest Australian regulated glass.

When we work on a site, we understand that you don’t want to lose the functionality of your home, which is why we pride ourselves on quick and mess-free installation. Traditional installers use methods that create a lot of debris and can be potentially damaging to the surrounding materials, but our processes are safe, clean and guaranteed. Your North Shore home needs the hands of those who are from the North Shore just like you. We understand the area and we provide custom services to each specific client because we know no two homes are the same.

What Interglass offers

With Interglass Designs, you not only get experienced, local craftsmen, but you get quality custom service. We offer various glass solutions that can be tailored to your desires. Shaped glass, opaque, clear, frosted – we do it all. We can source the exact type of wood or metal you want for the fittings that you need for your installations. Also, our gates are installed with our soft-close technology, so they never slam but securely close and lock with ease.

Glass pool fencing

If you have a particular project in mind or would like help in designing the perfect pool fence, residential or commercial glass feature, then only choose the best glass installation business -Interglass Designs.

Areas we service

We specialise in servicing Sydney, specifically the North Shore and its surrounding areas. We are local installers who are familiar with the locations and city. This is crucial when installing glass pool fences because ensuring regulations are met is vital. We can assist with getting council approval if your specific job requires that, and of course, we will comply with all the laws specific to NSW. If you are in the North Shore and are looking to upgrade or install a frameless glass pool fence, then know that Interglass Designs is your local glass expert.

Obligation free quote

If you would like same-day response, then please fill out our enquiry form below. We offer obligation free quotes and are more than happy to discuss potential projects, our processes and materials as well as our varied custom services on offer. You are also welcome to give us a call at 0484 244 382 to discuss over the phone.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you know the regulations for North Shore glass poll fences?

Yes we do! We are local to the North Shore and know all about the government and council regulations for this area. We are more than willing to discuss potential designs that would work and help navigate through the laws with you.

  • Is frameless glass pool fencing expensive?

Frameless glass pool fencing, like any investment, must be weighed with pros and cons. The benefits of glass pool fencing surpass all other types of pool fencing. Because pool fencing is required, choosing frameless glass pool fencing means you are improving style, functionality and the value of your home. Most importantly, it is the safest option and there is no price we can put on keeping our families safe.

  • Why use glass pool fencing in the North Shore?

Of all locations, none lend themselves to having glass pool fencing as the North Shore. The beautiful views and high-end living means that glass fencing, balustrades or stairs allow you to enjoy your home unobstructed. And it may just be the most stylish fence in the neighborhood. Also, as you may upgrade and renovate in the future, glass fencing will remain a staple addition to your home, working with any style.

  • If the glass breaks, what happens?

We back our glass 100% but sometimes, accidents happen. So, if by rare chance one of our tempered panels breaks, then unlike other fencing options, it is simply a matter of replacing one panel. This is easy and keeps your home hassle-free for longer, meaning you can get back to living without the worry.

  • Can I customise my pool fence?

Yes, of course. Every pool is different and we can design a beautiful and functional frameless glass pool fence for your home. The glass can be square or curved, the fittings can be made from wood or metal and the gate option can be personalised. Working with many homes in the North Shore has taught us that there are many different options.