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When you own a home or office, it is important to look for signs and opportunities to upgrade. These improvements often lead to better functionality, design and value for your property.

Here are some signs that it is time to upgrade to glass balustrades.

Investment opportunity

If you are looking for a home renovation that will both improve it and act as an investment, then glass balustrades are the perfect choice. They are stunning and add a lot of value to homes or businesses.

Glass balustrades also have the property where they allow light to pass through to other rooms with ease. This can help cut down on electricity bills in the long run because some lights won’t be used as much or at all.

The same is true for heating and cooling. The glass acts as a good insulator and can help regulate the temperature of your home. Also, it is durable and works with any style and structure, so it is the ultimate renovation option.

Glass balustrades

Want a change

Sometimes we just want a change – and this style choice is a great way to satiate the desire for something new. Since glass is a highly adaptive material that enhances any area it is installed in, glass balustrades are beautiful and universally work with all structures and styles.

Painting a room or changing the wood doesn’t have the same impact as replacing balustrades with glass. Frameless glass balustrades open the home up and allow light to pass through the house much more effectively.

Improve safety

If you have the choice to improve safety and enhance the style of your home or office, you would take it right? Well, glass balustrades do just that. By installing frameless balustrades in your Sydney property, then you increase the level of safety.

Frameless glass balustrades

Glass is clear and can increase visibility of your shop or home. Also, the glass we use is super strong and durable which means no breakages or splinters are expected from our products. It is no wonder that glass balustrades in Sydney are becoming a popular choice because of their immense safety qualities.


Do you get sick and tired of having to clean or repair your wooden or metal balustrade? Scratches or markings can easily become permanent and diminish the value of your balustrade quickly.

Glass balustrades only require a simple wipe down in order to be cleaned. And our tough, Australian standard glass won’t scratch or break easily like wood might.

Also, you can use less lighting because the glass allows light from around the home or office to transfer into other areas, whereas wood or metal acts as a barrier.

4 signs to upgrade to a glass balustrade infographic

If you are after change, improvement and or an investment opportunity then look no further than frameless glass balustrades. Interglass Designs are Sydney’s leading experts in all things glass, including balustrades, pool fencing and stair balustrades.

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