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If you own frameless glass balustrades or pool fencing, you know that keeping them clean is a necessity to get the most value out of the features.

Although there are many ways to clean glass, there are only a few that work well.

We may be in the habit of grabbing paper towel and rubbing the dirt off the glass with the hope that pure muscle will clean it. But, we then find streaks, or worse, the glass isn’t actually cleaned.

In this article, we will detail the best methods for cleaning your glass balustrade or fence.

Use the right materials

Using a microfibre cloth or squeegee is best for removing grime and streaks without leaving any marks. Even a crumpled-up newspaper works far better than paper towel.

Microfibre cloth

When it comes to the liquid used for cleaning, water is often used. But there are excellent glass cleaners out there.

If you want to avoid store-bought glass cleaners, that is fine too as we will list some natural methods.

Cleaning solution

To make a good natural homemade cleaning solution, mix one part vinegar and four parts water in a bowl.

If you have an empty spray bottle, then simply fill and shake the mixture in there. For extra effectiveness, you can add some rubbing alcohol as well.

Natural glass cleaning solution

Avoid glass cleaners that contain ammonia as this can strip any tinting or coating you may have applied. Glass is super easy to clean, so harsh and overpriced chemicals are generally not needed.

Another tip is to use distilled water as normal unfiltered water can contain natural chemicals that, when the liquid dries up, leaves marks on the glass.


Now that you have your materials and cleaning solution, spray your cloth with the mixture and then rub the glass’ surface.

First, use circular motions in order to remove the marks. Then, use horizontal swipes to have a consistent and streak-free surface.

If you have frameless glass structures, you’ll have an even easier time cleaning because the cloth can run all the way to the corners.

But if you have frames, then you may still need to get a toothbrush or cotton swab in order to clean the hard-to-reach areas.

Clean glass

Once you have wiped the surface with the sprayed towel, use a scrunched-up newspaper or another dry cloth to wipe the glass dry.

Either way, glass is one of the best and easy to maintain building structures available.

How to clean and maintain glass balustrade and pool fence infographic

If you have glass structures, we hope this simple guide on cleaning has helped make your panels shine!

If you are considering glass structures, then know that they are perhaps the easiest building material to clean and take care of.

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